Presentation of Financial Statements – Teacher Nguyen Van A | IAS 1 | VAS 21


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Open up to more energy, serenity, flexibility, and wellbeing in this series of 10-12 minute qigong yoga fusion videos. Experience the benefits of yoga combined with those of qigong! After over twenty years of doing yoga, I increasingly added in qigong and energy medicine movements to my yoga asanas to achieve amazing results in my well-being, serenity, and bliss. Now I want to share my unique yoga qigong fusion with you.

Each video contains yoga poses combined with qigong movements to increase the flow of positive energy: through your body, around you, and within you. Gentle yet potent, each practice opens your body up to more self-healing, health and wellness. Practice a qigong yoga fusion video daily with deep, slow breathing to see the best results. When you breathe in, feel the belly become bigger and then your lungs to expand. Inflate your lungs like balloons- forward, backward, and into your side body as well. Deepening the breath and maintaining a deep breathing pattern while doing the movements takes time and attention. Be patient with yourself and keep returning your attention to your breath, eventually linking breath with movement.


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