Get Corp is a leading training organization specializing in providing training programs on international accounting – IFRS, US GAAP, … and Vietnamese taxes and taxes of countries around the world.

We aspire to be an icon of the flat world in the present era. Knowledge is no longer a gap between countries, and we are proud to be a bridge for individuals and businesses of countries around the world to learn and share the latest knowledge and help them Women in the field of accounting, tax in particular and related industries in general have the same voice and contribute to the general development of the world and of Vietnam in particular.


Get Corp organizes short-term and intensive training programs/courses in accounting and tax for individuals and businesses in Vietnam and globally.


We are honored to be one of the first organizations to bring knowledge to all brothers and sisters in the field of accounting and tax around the world.


Get Corp is proud to be a reliable and trusted address to provide courses, training programs with international quality and local fees.

Our Story

Get Corp was born as a result of the efforts of the founding members of the company, who operate in the fields of auditing, accounting and tax. 

However, in developing countries as well as countries that have not yet applied IFRS international accounting standards like Vietnam and in the future, these countries will move towards the roadmap to apply international accounting standards. economy for your country, and understand your country’s tax policy in the best way, and help business people from other countries who want to invest better understand the tax policy of the country you are planning to invest.

Our Story

With concern and desire to bring knowledge sharing, turn the distance between countries into background flatter in knowledge, that’s why the founding members connected experts and lecturers in all parts of Vietnam, as well as experts and lecturers in countries around the world each other to share knowledge to help individuals and businesses access the best knowledge and apply in compliance with regulations.

Our Value

Get Corp’s core values ​​are all rooted in people. With the rich experiences at the management level of the founders and leading experts/lecturers in Vietnam and around the world in the field of accounting, auditing and tax, we wish to bring the Optimal value for customers

Act With a Global Mindset

We embrace diversity and draw inspiration from different cultures.

Lead With Empathy

We put ourselves in other people’s shoes and encourage different perspectives.

Making A Difference

We push for progress, value results, and are dedicated to making a great impact together.

Learn and Grow

We invest in ourselves and promote personal and communal growth.

Don’t Give Up

We learn from obstacles and believe that patience and persistence can overcome all the difficulties.

Enjoy the Journey

We’re passionate about making language learning an enjoyable and meaningful exper.

Join With Us

We are changing the way the world learns foreign languages! Join our multinational team made up of passionate language learners today!